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Kata Bunkai Seminar with Rakesh Patel and Andi Kidd

15th November 2014

Rakesh and Andi ran their first joint Bunkai seminar in Welwyn Garden City, Herts. Martial artists from all over the UK came to train together for a Bunkai extravaganza.

The theme was the application of kata to support core combative principles. They both focused on taking existing primary strikes and enhancing them with motions & techniques found in kata/forms; Enpi/Wanshu, Bassai/Passai, Sepai, Nijushiho/Niseishi, Heian Shodan/Pinan Nidan, Jitte/Sip Soo to name a few. The application for the first movement of Enpi/Wanshu proved to be popular.

The last session of the course was to pressure test everything learned and practiced so far. Andi guided the group through various drills that were downright chaotic, erratic and fun! Everyone's admirable enthusiasm to 'get stuck in' made for a fantastic course.

Next year's event has already been scheduled
for Saturday 3rd October! divider

For details and information contact - Andi Kidd on 07818 417181
or by email: