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From Shotokan To The Street book

From Shotokan to the Street

How can you make your karate training applicable for the real world. This is not just a techniques book, but a full description of how to take your art and turn it into a personal self-protection system.

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High praise for ‘From Shotokan to the Street’

“You have to understand that three important things come together in this book. The first is karate. I’m not qualified to talk about karate. My depth of true karate understanding is spit in the ocean. I’ve got nothing to write about that. The second is self-defense, or self-protection, and I’ve already written a lot about that. The third is some guy named Andi Kidd. Andi’s cool. What you have in your hands is an introductory textbook on self-protection from a karate perspective, written by a thoroughly good man who knows his stuff.”

Rory Miller – Author of Facing Violence

“Most people who study karate do so, at least in part, for self-protection purposes. The problem is that neither instructors nor students are generally aware of what self-protection actually requires. Because of this we frequently see art, sport and duelling skills mistakenly being taught as self-protection. All these things have their own inherent value, but the problem of self-protection needs its own specific solutions. In this book Andi makes clear what this solution is and how traditional karate can provide that solution.”

Iain Abernethy – Author of Bunkai Jutsu

“I would like to say how much I enjoyed reading this, it is well written, unpretentious and full of good, clearly explained information. What Andi has done here is take the reader into his personal journey in Karate and examined in some detail how the conflicting demands of dojo and street can be accommodated if you make the training flexible enough.

Like Andi I had many questions about martial arts and practical self-defence and they took a fair bit of resolving. I did not have a book such as this to read early on in my martial arts journey. That is the beauty of this book, it is as great introductory text, particularly for those studying karate, but also for anyone pondering taking up a martial art. It draws on excellent source material to support Andi's own very valuable lessons. A book all should read regardless of the colour of your belt or whether or not you even have one.”

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