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Andi Kidd

Andi Kidd is the author of From Shotokan to the Street and is a registered and insured Self Defence Instructor with the British Combat Association (one of the world's leading groups for close-quarter combat, self-protection and practical martial arts). He was graded by and also holds a full Instructor qualification with Iain Abernethy for applied karate. He is the chief instructor of the Genjitsu Karate Kai

Andi Kidd is fast establishing a reputation as a leading exponent of applied karate and teaches his own brand of direct and effective applications to people from all over the country. His relaxed and down to earth style of teaching makes communicating principles both easy and enjoyable.

Andi Kidd is one of the most impressive bunkai teachers I have worked with

- Iain Abernethy - line break

Classes Available

Application Based Karate

Andi Kidd is available to teach Application Based Karate course to all martial arts groups (karate or otherwise), he was graded to 5th Dan British Combat Association and is a full instructor with Iain Abernethy.

Bunkai Bash

A yearly event open to all martial arts enthusiasts who want training from some of the country's leading bunkai instructors

Do not miss the opportunity to improve your application knowledge by attending the most concentrated amalgamation of top quality bunkai instruction this year.


Andi Kidd runs one on one self‐protection classes for those who want to learn more about or integrate self‐protection into their existing knowledge base. Participants need no prior experience and all private classes are tailored to the individuals needs or interests taking into account their level of knowledge and experience.

Private Classes

Andi Kidd runs private classes for those who want to improve their practical karate knowledge. All private classes are tailored to the individuals needs and can range from students cramming for rank exams, to bunkai from specific kata to looking how to build a pragmatic syllabus.

Available Now from Lulu

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