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Bunkai Bash

A yearly event open to all martial arts enthusiasts who want training from some of the country’s leading bunkai instructors

Do not miss the opportunity to improve your application knowledge by attending the most concentrated amalgamation of top quality bunkai instruction this year.

For more information, please email me at:

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The next edition of the Bunkai Bash is due on the 04th July 2025

From the 04th to 06th July 2025


The Bunkai Bash is, at heart, a gathering of martial artists to train, chat and share ideas. For the more traditional karate-ka, a gasshuku.

The first was held in 2013 and it has grown each year since then. People have made new friends, got new ideas and have made some memories that will last a lifetime.

The Bash starts on a Friday night and goes through to a Sunday lunchtime. People can attend as much or as little as they like, attend whatever sessions they like and generally do what they like (within the limits of the law and decency).

You are an adult and you have paid your money, you get to decide. If you don't want to take part in the lessons, eat the famous BBQ, listen to the lectures, use the camping facilities, that is up to you.

Seems like a bit of a waste to me, but that is your choice.

Whilst it started as mainly a karate camp has certainly grown. I always try and get different perspectives form other martial artists and we have had karate (4 different styles), taekwondo, ju-jitsu, aikido, combatives, weapon work, bodyguarding, bouncing, I am sure I have missed some.


The Bunkai bash will be held at Blacklands lakes camp site where we will be in Field 9. We have exclusive use of the field so we camp around the edges and train in the middle.

We do have alternate training if the weather is really bad. Details to follow later.


The 9th Bunkai Bash will be held on the weekend of the June 14th and June 16th 2024

This is fathers day in the UK, so make sure that fits in before you buy a ticket.

My advice is that if you are a father then what better present could you get than a ticket to the Bunkai Bash?

If you are not a father then what could be better than you letting your father have some peace and quiet by coming to the Bunkai Bash? Or bring him as guests are allowed for a smaller fee!


A ticket for the Whole weekend includes the following

2 nights of camping (Friday 14th and Saturday 15th)

15 Sessions of training with some of the top martial arts instructors you can find

The Saturday night Barbeque

Access to the fire pit conversations

The Famous Bunkai Bash T-shirt

You get all of that for just £100

Day tickets are available

What is the Bunkai Bash?

The Bash is a gathering of martial artists in a campsite just outside of Calne, Wiltshire. Whilst being run by a karate-ka, it is attended by all sorts of martial artists from many disciplines.

Is this the First Bash?

No. This is the ninth Bash. The Bash has been running since 2013 and is an annual event (barring covid!)

How long does the Bash last?

The Bash runs from Friday 14th June 6pm, till Sunday 16th June 1pm. Schedule to follow

Do I have to attend the whole Bash?

No. It is recognised people may only be able to make some of the weekend, so come to what you can. There are day tickets available.

How long do the sessions last?

The Bash is different as the sessions are short. They only last about 45 minutes each and look to get over one idea or concept in that time. This way all instructors can give you something to think about and you can follow up more on things you enjoy.

Do I have to do all of the sessions?

No. The Bash is for adults and so you can make your own mind up and attend as many or as few sessions as you please. We understand that the days are long and some people may not be able to do all the sessions. They are not all high energy and there are breaks. You can also work around injuries if you have them (many of us do!) and all instructors will understand this.

Who is teaching at the Bash?

Each year there are different teachers, from many different styles. More details will be released soon!

What if I don't do the same styles as the Instructors?

This is not an issue. All the Instructors have enough experience to tailor their sessions so that everyone gets something from them. Whilst arts differ, principles don't.

Is the Bash timetable guaranteed?

No. Due to many factors, the Bash may, or may not, run to the correct schedule. Weather, illness, unfortunate circumstances, we have seen them all. As with any good martial art, if something happens, we adapt. The timetable is not guaranteed but you will get plenty of instruction.

What is the ‘vibe’ to the Bash?

The Bash is very laid back in terms of session attendance, manner and structure. Whilst we take our martial arts seriously, we don't do the same for ourselves. Instructors are approachable and are there for training as much as you.

I hear that the BBQ at the bash is one of the best?

In a word yes. With a specially flown in chef from Down Under, we can safely say that the Bunkai BASH BBQ ‐ the BBBBQ is always a highlight!

Sponsored by Fitness Cake?

Yes, bring cake, all will be explained!

What else do I get for my money?

Well apart from all the training, you get the BBBBQ, camping pitch for the Friday and Saturday nights and a commemorative t-shirt. But mainly you get memories that will last you a lifetime!

Closer to the time this page will display events and timetable for this year Bunkai Bash

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