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Andi Kidd

Andi Kidd teaches Application Based Karate for Self-Protection to both groups and individuals.

As well as teaching the physical skills that are inherent in karate in a practical manner, Andi Kidd wraps this into a package that addresses the need for the capabilities that will help you avoid the situations and if the need arises, how best to escape.

Andi’s enthusiastic yet relaxed style of teaching engages students and makes use of their personal skills in developing and applying karate in their own way enhancing their abilities and knowledge.

Andi Kidd is ranked 5th Dan Black belt and is a registered and insured Self Defence Instructor with the British Combat Association. He also holds a full Instructor qualification with Iain Abernethy for applied karate. He is the chief instructor of the Genjitsu Karate Kai and founder of the annual ‘Bunkai Bash’.

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For details and information contact
Andi Kidd on 07818 417181
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